My Favourite Doctor Who Quotes

My Favourite Doctor Who Quotes

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The countdown is on for December 25! Where most people are excited for Christmas (or whatever winter holiday you prefer to celebrate), Whovians can hardly wait for the annual Christmas Special. To get in the mood, here are my favourite quotes from each of the 12 Doctors, plus the War Doctor.


First Doctor

First Doctor Quote

Second Doctor

Second Doctor Quote.jpeg

Third Doctor

Third Doctor Quote

Fourth Doctor

Fourth Doctor Quote.jpeg

Fifth Doctor

Fifth Doctor Quote.jpg

Sixth Doctor

Sixth Doctor Quote.png

Seventh Doctor

Seventh Doctor Quote.jpg

Eighth Doctor

Eighth Doctor Quote.jpeg

War Doctor

War Doctor Quote.jpg

Ninth Doctor

Ninth Doctor Quote.jpeg

Tenth Doctor

Tenth Doctor Quote.jpeg

Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor Quote.jpg

Twelfth Doctor

Twelfth Doctor Quote.jpg

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