Saw It: Little Evil

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Starring: Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott, Owen Atlas
Spooky Level: 0/10
Synopsis: Gary just married Samantha and has a feeling that his soon-to-be six year old step-son is the Antichrist.

Review: Not at all scary, but quite amusing, Little Evil won’t fill your craving for a good horror movie, but it’ll make you laugh with it’s quirky humour. Gary (Adam Scott) struggles to bond with his step-son Lucas (Owen Atlas), despite multiple attempts. Making things more difficult, strange occurrences seem to happen around Lucas. Occurrences that seem a little…evil. Gary joins a support group for step-dads, which includes his lesbian coworker AL. As his new marriage strains under the pressures of parenting the possible Antichrist, his support group of step-dads sticks by him and help him navigate this unique parenting challenge.

One thing I will say is that I’m not sure if AL’s super butch characterization is problematic or not. I think it’s amusing, and it’s certainly great to see a lesbian couple in a movie, but I would love to hear someone from the queer community’s thoughts on AL.

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