Read It: Tiger Lily

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If you read last week’s “Read It”, you’ll know that I love retellings of classic stories, especially if they’re from a unique point of view. Jodi Lynn Anderson’s Tiger Lily takes the story of Peter Pan and tells it from the perspective of Tiger Lily, the young woman from the First Nations tribe. Not only that, but the story is narrated by Tinker Bell.

Tiger Lily explores the title character’s life before she meets Peter Pan and then looks at how the young woman’s life changes after she meets him and then how it changes again after the arrival of Wendy. With Tinker Bell narrating the story, we don’t get to learn Tiger Lily’s innermost thoughts and feelings, but we do get to see a lot more of the picture. We get to learn more in-depth about the pirates, see Peter in moments without Tiger Lily, and learn more about Tiger Lily’s tribe members. While it’s written in first-person, the narrative reads like third-person limited and I find that really cool that it was done so well.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys retellings of classic stories from a unique perspective.

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