Saw It: Norsemen, Season 1

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Recently, while aimlessly scrolling through Netflix looking for a new show to start, I came across Norsemen. I do admit that my first reaction was to roll my eyes and tell my fiancé “oh, look, another Viking show”. Not that there’s a lot of shows about vikings, other than the History channel’s show Vikings and the BBC/Netflix series The Last Kingdom, but apparently two shows with similar premises is enough to make me think that there does not need to be yet another show with related subject matter.

For a week I scrolled past the series on Netflix, until a friend of mine who lives in Norway mentioned that Norsemen is a Norwegian-made spoof of Vikings and that it’s quite funny. Of course, once I learned it was a spoof, I decided I needed to watch the show. It did not disappoint.

Set in 790 AD, Norsemen follows the daily trials and tribulations of the inhabitants of a small viking village. It looks at topics such as sibling rivalry, gender equality, the struggle for power, betrayal, and friendship. A colourful cast of characters give life and humour to the everyday lives of these vikings, from their raids on the lands to the west, to adjusting to marital life. The humour is well-placed and quirky. Of course unfortunate things happen, but there’s always a humourous twist.

I cannot recommend this show enough. If you have Netflix, you definitely will want to check it out.

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